About Us

Welcome to the official website of STORM Home Health Care, INC

Introducing STORM Home Health Care, INC, which provides services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

STORM Home Health Care, INC was established in *****. Since our inception, we have helped more than ***** clients, enabling them to feel as full as possible, regardless of the severity of their illness.

Our team is by your side during non-working hours and even on weekends because health is an absolute value to us. Like a storm, our team quickly responds to every question and issue. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who have extensive experience in the field and use the accumulated knowledge for the benefit of the patient.

Our main mission is to serve you and provide quality medical services.

The most important thing these days is to be healthy. Therefore, we do everything in this context, following the Hippocratic Oath.

One of our main missions is also to improve the quality of life of each patient as much as possible and to speed up recovery as much as possible. It is very important for us to positively influence the improvement of both physical and spiritual health through our activities.

Our work is aimed not only at the care of the patient’s body but also at the healing of the soul and mind. We believe that a strong spirit and mind together with the right medical care will work wonders!

Moreover, we should emphasize that all our services are customized. We provide an individual approach to each family, taking into account not only the needs of the client, his family, and relatives but the characteristics of each house as well. They say that everyone’s home is their castle. Home Health Care enables clients to receive more effective treatment while feeling at home.

And last but not least. We offer the best services to our customers, aiming to establish a leading position in the market through quality services.


Who pays for Care Services?

  1. Insurance Coverage We will verify upon receipt of any assignment of benefits. We will bill your insurance carrier directly.
  2. Medicare/Medi-Cal If you are eligible for Care Service coverage through Medicare or Medi-Cal our office will bill them directly.
  3. Direct Payment When billed directly to you, Storm Home Health Care, Inc.’s statement identifies visits and hours spent by our palliative care professionals. You pay only the per-visit or per-hour rate, we pay all taxes and insurance for our employees.

Who will need Care Services?

  • Patients who need short-term assistance after discharge from the hospital.
  • Chronically ill, terminally ill, or permanently disabled who wish to remain at home.
  • Older adults, who due to illness or disability, need assistance in their homes.
  • Family Respite, to provide short-term relief for family members caring for a parent or relative who is ill.